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Health Insurance for Newborns

Even before your new baby arrives and definitely once they are here, you will need to think about health insurance for newborns. In some cases, the Newborns and Mothers Health Protection Act (as called the Newborns Act) of 1996 provides protection for mothers and their newborn children regarding how long they stay hospitalized following childbirth. Basically, for those health insurance plans that must comply with the Newborns Act, they cannot limit benefits for a hospital stay related to childbirth to less than forty eight hours or ninety six hours, depending on the type of delivery.

Following a vaginal type of delivery the coverage is less than forty eight hours, and following a cesarean type of delivery the coverage is ninety six hours. Essentially, the time of childbirth starts the clock for the period that is covered, assuming childbirth occurs in the hospital. If childbirth occurs outside of the hospital at another location, the clock starts at the time of admission. However, your protection under this act depends on the specific type of health insurance coverage you have.

Your coverage is dependent on whether you are insured by an insurance company, Health Maintenance Organization, or another type of plan. You may want to check with your plan administrator to determine what your specific coverage for childbirth and your newborn baby are under your plan. It is imperative that you find out exactly what your coverage and benefit options are before you need them. We all hope for an easy delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby but unfortunately, that is not always the case. It is better to be prepared and have the coverage in place in the event that you or your newborn should be in need of any medical care or coverage.

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